Tupelo Acres

About Tupelo Acres

It all started with a trip to the Butler County Farm Tour. Of all the farms visited, the one that changed our lives was that of an alpaca farm. We spent the next few months researching these enchanting animals and the benefits of their fiber. We started volunteering at a local alpaca farm and delving into all fiber related arts. During this time, we bought a small herd of 4 alpacas and were still living on the busiest street in town!

We started searching for a place to make tangible dreams. After a year of searching we began our journey on 10 acres of an old abandoned corn field that we rent from a local farmer. This was the birth of Tupelo Acres.

Starting from scratch we settled into an old trailer and started to build. Each year we grow a little more; add fence, learn to spin, plant a tree, and extend the garden. We love, we grow, we learn, and we grow some more. Since that first day we fell in love with alpacas, we have grown to a larger alpaca herd, added chickens for egg production, raise pastured pigs, and market homegrown produce and homemade products from our fiber. We invite you to come grow with us.